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Why a Vintage Celebration?

For years, Amber Schwinn and Stephanie Stuart, have been portraying two of Old Hollywood's most famous ladies, Lucy and Marilyn, at Universal Studios Hollywood. Both ladies are among the select few entertainers who are approved by Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe’s estates. They formed Marilu Productions, a Vintage Entertainment Company, and took the world's most famous redhead and everyone's favorite bombshell blonde on the road. 

Singing, acting and dancing since they were both small, Amber and Stephanie bring genuine love and integrity to their performances, while staying true to the nature of their real-life iconic counterparts. From small family events, to large celebrations with Bésame Cosmetics, See’s Candies, Inside the NBA and more, Marilu Productions brings joy and glamour to every event.

Having heard many stories of the wonderful and talented friends the duo have made in the Vintage Community, Mikee Schwinn, Amber's husband and former Managing and Artistic director of the Repertory East Playhouse, came up with a little nugget of an idea for a show: A cabaret of classic Hollywood characters performing in their friend Peter Goosen's Spiegeltent, a stunning vintage venue.

As Amber took this little nugget of an idea to the community it started to grow into something more. Stephanie came on board as a co-conspirator, and Glamour Days started to take shape. What would happen if we brought together all of the insanely talented friends the two had made over the years with Marilu Productions? A Vintage Celebration! Glamour Days is about truly appreciating one of the world’s most transformative eras, the mid 1940s-60s.

After just a few short months, (and some very late night brainstorming sessions), Glamour Days is now ready for the world! We’ve put together an incredible lineup of talent, awesome vendors that we love and are a joy to be around, and we’re doing it all in such an amazing place, The Spiegeltent at Wolf Creek Brewery. A full day of entertainment with great people celebrating an amazing time in history. Bringing the analog days to the digital age. We hope to see you there!

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Originally double majoring in theatre and psychology, Amber hopes to one day incorporate both to help heal childhood trauma through the arts. Amber has made her mark in the vintage world by becoming one of the premiere Lucy performers in the country. Years of producing short films and projects has given her the vision to help bring Glamour Days to life, and she is excited to be a part of this incredible team.


Stephanie Stuart graduated CUM LAUDE from the University of North Texas with a BA in theatre performance and directing. Since she was a little girl, the bygone eras have always been prevalent in her life. Growing up with The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Mildred Pierce and TCM, Stephanie discovered her love for classics early on. At 17, She began portraying Marilyn Monroe. From Texas to Vegas to California and across the country, Stephanie has been booked on several live events, shows and films. Along with Amber Schwinn, Stephanie helped create the tribute artist company, Marilu productions. She has been prevalent in fundraising for the SoCal chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America and has rallied teams together for the Walk to End Lupus.

Her love for vintage art & style and desire to give back to the community has led to explore the production side of building a festival to celebrate much of the world she adores.



Mikee Schwinn is a true Renaissance man, the living embodiment of a Swiss Army knife for the entertainment industry. Albeit an artist at heart, actor at birth, designer and technology guru by trade, Schwinn is best known for his years as Managing & Artistic director of the Repertory East Playhouse, an equity-waiver theatre in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, CA. During his decade with the REP, Schwinn co-produced 81 plays and musicals, and dozens of other events and festivals. As one usually does in small theaters, Schwinn also served as a director, set designer, actor, graphic artist, web designer, and board member for the theatre.

Prior to that, Schwinn was primarily a film editor, known for his work on the documentaries “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”, “Jeff Buckley: Songs to No One” and feature films, “If Tomorrow Comes” starring James Franco and Helene Udy, and “Raising Genius” starring Wendy Malik, Justin Long and Stephen Root. Schwinn is currently a graphic designer for Outpost Media in Burbank, CA. His work is on display in hundreds of movies trailers, content and social media posts for Disney, Sony, Fox, Dreamworks Animation, LionsGate and more.

In 2019, Schwinn and his wife formed SchwinnGEN Entertainment. Their vision is to bring creatives together to sew the seeds of a New Renaissance, one steeped in immersive events, art, music, and theatre. Schwinn serves as President and CFO of this ambitious new venture.

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